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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Several things you need to know and be informed about concerning our efforts to stop this action by the aquarium.
1.) An event has been created for next Saturday, July 21st, outside the GA Aquarium main entrance.  If you live in or near Atlanta, please help us out by attending the event!  You can read about it at the following link!!/events/380676355333421/

2.) A petition has been started going to the NOAA and you need to sign and share it please!

3.)  The time will come when the permit the GA Aquarium has applied for will be published in the Federal Registry.  Once it is published, the public will have an opportunity to comment.  We want this to be the most commented on publication EVER in the history of the Federal Registry.  We will only have 30 days to comment once the permit is published and unfortunately we don't know exactly when that will be.  We do however have people making this a priority and we will inform you as soon as we know anything!

4.)  Share all of this information with whomever you can.  The public needs to know what the GA Aquarium is trying to do behind your back!  I say "behind your back" because who the heck really reads the Federal Registry, or even knows about it?  I didn't, but then that's not unusual for me.  So glad to have the people on my team who have the brains to uncover this information.

5.)  Stay Tuned!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Permits for the GA Aquarium to get more Beluga Whales for the USA???

It's been quite sometime since I've posted anything on my blog.  No excuses other than there are only so many hours in a day to do all the things I need to do......but all that aside....I couldn't let this go without commenting.

I found this in my Google Alerts yesterday at 5:50 p.m.  When I clicked on the link to view its contents, I was alerted that the article had been removed and could no longer be seen?  I immediately forwarded the alert to the Free the Atlanta 11 core group, which I am a part of, and one of our members, David Drolet, who is a computer "wizard" found the actual deleted article and posted to FB.  Now you can see it too!

These are my thoughts, questions, and remarks after reading the article....

1.)  How does "improving the genetic diversity of belugas in captivity" make the beluga population more stable?  OHHHHHHH, they mean the "CAPTIVE BELUGA POPULATION".  Got it!
They aren't having any luck with the breeding program of captive belugas or the belugas they have are too old to breed so they have to go rape the ocean of it's young breedable belugas to try captive breeding all over again!  Failing all these years evidently wasn't enough.  They want to go and destroy more beluga families in the wild.  (barf, barf, barf)

2.)  Conservation?  Really?  How dumb do you think the public is?  No wonder you didn't want the story out!  The public is getting wise to your use of the word "conservation" to protect your lucretive captivity industry!  Yes, lucretive industry!  Already 2 million dollars spent on this project just so you can select the most breedable belugas from their pod?  Isn't that leaving the pod in a desparate situation to replenish themselves?  What are they thinking?  Conservation!  Give me a break!  There are so many worthy causes out there to spend your money on!  Real conservation organizations!  But then you would be just spending your overflow of money, you wouldn't be getting anything out of it in return.  Got it!

3.)  "We want to fix this mess so our children and grandchildren can see belugas", states William Hurley, chief zoological officer at the GA Aquarium.  Exactly what mess are you referring to?  Sounds to me like you are admitting that the GA Aquarium has made a mess of the captive beluga breeding industry!  Sounds to me like maybe this statement is the reason why the story was pulled!  I know for sure that I'm not the only one who feels this take note...."As long as I draw breath, I will educate my children and grandchildren that seeing marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, seals, manatees, ect. in a captive atmosphere is nothing but SAD and does nothing for conservation!    They don't have to see them this way! There are alternative methods!  Films, documentaries, whale watching expeditions, books, ect.   I will explain to them how and why, the real truth, about the mammals violent capture and the conditions they are made to live in so that the aquariums and SeaWorlds of this country can make money from the public just to satisfy our curiosities.  I will make sure that they know to teach their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on to NEVER go to a whale or dolphin show or exhibit if they really love whales and dolphins." 
My heart bleeds for the belugas and their families that you, GA Aquarium, are about to destroy.  Call it what you want, I've got your number!  You are destroyers, NOT conservationists!

If you agree with me and many others who feel the same, please let us know...let the power of the people speak out against what the aquarium is about to do!

I'm going to see if the group can find out who is in charge of giving out permits for the GA Aquarium to acquire more belugas.  Once I find out that information, I'll let you know and we will start a petition to lend our voices for the beluga families this will hurt!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Say "NO" to the Dolphin Show!

JUST SAY "NO" TO THE DOLPHIN SHOW!  Few but mighty in Atlanta GA, Free the Atlanta 11 held an educational event outside the GA Aquarium where they passed out flyers, dvds, and coloring books to the public to educate them on why they should not buy a ticket to the dolphin show.  Now that the aquarium has included the dolphin show in the general admission price of the GA Aquarium, those of us who would choose not to see the show must pay a higher price regardless.  Not only that, but due to the limited number of shows put on at the dolphinarium, many people can not get in to see what they have paid for.
Once again, these shows have nothing to do with conservation of dolphins and whales.  They are the reason for the brutal captures and deaths of thousands of dolphins and whales every year.  Why would anyone support that?

Thank-you to Martha Brock of Free the Atlanta 11 and her personal blog Cove Blue For Jiyu, for sharing these Ric O'Barry interviews!  I'm proud to say Martha is a close friend and member of the board of Free the Atlanta 11.  Thank-you again, Martha, for sharing!  Together we will reach the world for education about cetacean captivity!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversation on YouTube with KingsProduction50?? Whoever that is?

I recently saw a video on You Tube of an Australian girl on a vacation with her grandmother in the Carribean. Her grandmother bought her a Swim With Dolphins encounter for her birthday. Obviously something she wanted to do. After she posted it on You Tube, she got some heat from some people, while others tried reasoning with her and telling her about "The Cove".
She wrote a comment back about "The Cove", which she had never seen before people shared it with her. She said had she seen it before the excursion she probably wouldn't have bought it for her granddaughter.
I wrote a comment applauding her for taking the advice of others and actually watching "The Cove", explaining to her how it had really changed my life.
This was my response to her after she watched The Cove:

I'm so glad to hear that you watched The Cove. It certainly changed my life and my desire to want to swim with dolphins. Did you happen to notice that everytime the dolphin finishes a trick they go straight to the trainer....for food. God played a cruel joke on the dolphin when He gave them the fixed smile on their face. The only happy dolphin is a free dolphin. Thanks for sharing and caring enough to comment and post about THE COVE.cobidog123

The following is an ongoing conversation I've had the last few days with "KingsProduction50" on You Tube!!  He obviously has been brainwashed by someone into thinking the slaughter going on in Taiji is not true.  He writes to me:
@cobidog123 how do you know the cove is right ? they are people who just make up things to get SW shut down.KingsProduction50
@KingsProduction50 you must be kidding? You can't possibly be that naive. Ric O'Barry is an ex-dolphin trainer. One of the worlds best. (Flipper's trainer) He's done it all and knows what he is talking about. You should read his book, "Behind the Dolphin Smile" and another one you might be interested in is "Rekindling the Waters, the Truth About Swimming With Dolphins" by Leah Lemieux. Captivity of cetaceans is wrong. They have feeling just like humans. cobidog123
@cobidog123 im NOT kidding. i dont want your "opinions". im 85% pro captivity so deal with it ! the cove is wrong !KingsProduction50

@KingsProduction50 these are not my "opinions". You need to educate yourself on the subject. How about someone rips you from your family, sticks you in a 12 ft square room, feeds you when and what they want, not what you want, starves you to get you to perform, little or no stimulation, you become so depressed you want to kill yourself, and all you think of is being free and seeing your family again...but OH NO, you watched your family killed in front of you...real fun right?cobidog123                

I'll let you know if the saga continues. Hopefully I'll be able to change his mind!

Hayden Panettiere - A Hero To Dolphins

One brave young lady! We feel your pain Hayden! We feel your pain!

Sunday, February 5, 2012