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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

...more facts and statistics on dolphins and whales held in captivity!

  1. Many of the tanks these wonderful mammals are held in are loaded with chemicals and bacteria that can cause several different problems for the dolphins and whales concerning their health and quality of life.  Blindness is only one among many.
  2. They can breed in captivity, it's instinct just like every other creature on earth.  We allow our prisoners conjugal visits from time to time!  When a baby dolphin or orca is born, it is kept quiet until they see if it survives or not...more times than not, it doesn't....but you'll never know unless the calf does.
  3. Imagine having hundreds of miles of ocean to swim and roam in.  Surf this morning, play with the pod this afternoon, lunch on the reef............and all of a sudden, you are snatched away from the only family and surroundings you have known your whole life.  Violently captured and placed in a bathtub of water.  Sounds like prison to me!  Exaggeration you might say?  Think again, hundreds of miles of free range ocean....or.....a pool approximately 55 x 55.  Sounds like a bathtub in comparison to me! 
  4. In many cases, hunger is used for training purposes, rewarding with food when tricks are performed correctly.  Jumping through hoops, tail walking, tossing balls, gathering rings and such are learned behaviors from trainers and don't occur in the wild.
  5. Boredom results in self abuse.  Dolphins and whales have been witnessed banging their heads against cement walls in captivity.  Nothing can compare to being free!
Once again, I urge you to NOT BUY A TICKET to see any dolphin or whale in captivity!  You are only supporting death and cruelty of these mammals we so dearly love.  LOVE THEM ENOUGH TO GIVE THEM UP, GIVE THEM FREEDOM AND LIFE WHERE THEY BELONG....IN THE OCEAN!

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