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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Say "NO" to the Dolphin Show!

JUST SAY "NO" TO THE DOLPHIN SHOW!  Few but mighty in Atlanta GA, Free the Atlanta 11 held an educational event outside the GA Aquarium where they passed out flyers, dvds, and coloring books to the public to educate them on why they should not buy a ticket to the dolphin show.  Now that the aquarium has included the dolphin show in the general admission price of the GA Aquarium, those of us who would choose not to see the show must pay a higher price regardless.  Not only that, but due to the limited number of shows put on at the dolphinarium, many people can not get in to see what they have paid for.
Once again, these shows have nothing to do with conservation of dolphins and whales.  They are the reason for the brutal captures and deaths of thousands of dolphins and whales every year.  Why would anyone support that?

Thank-you to Martha Brock of Free the Atlanta 11 and her personal blog Cove Blue For Jiyu, for sharing these Ric O'Barry interviews!  I'm proud to say Martha is a close friend and member of the board of Free the Atlanta 11.  Thank-you again, Martha, for sharing!  Together we will reach the world for education about cetacean captivity!