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Friday, June 17, 2011

Marine Mammals In Captivity

"look at it from their point of view!"; "look at it through their eyes!" "and realize, you get to go home at night" "they don't", "that is now their home!"
The home of a dolphin and orca is the ocean and not in a concrete tank where the principals and motivations are not always about rehabilitation, rendering sick and injured animals back to health or conservation.
But solely about the selfish interests of making money and exploiting these innocent beautiful and captivating animals for show in the name of tourist dollars.
The ocean is where they were, where they belong and where they should and ultimately forever should be.
Please do not patronize the marine parks, their orca shows and their captive swim with the dolphin programs. Which are only in the interest of the individual and the money they can make.
It's incredibly cruel and heartbreaking how they came to be there in the first place and very sad to see them from the free life they once had to the now un-free one in which they live.

This was the write up that went with the video, posted by SealAngel.  Please visit their blog!

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