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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversation on YouTube with KingsProduction50?? Whoever that is?

I recently saw a video on You Tube of an Australian girl on a vacation with her grandmother in the Carribean. Her grandmother bought her a Swim With Dolphins encounter for her birthday. Obviously something she wanted to do. After she posted it on You Tube, she got some heat from some people, while others tried reasoning with her and telling her about "The Cove".
She wrote a comment back about "The Cove", which she had never seen before people shared it with her. She said had she seen it before the excursion she probably wouldn't have bought it for her granddaughter.
I wrote a comment applauding her for taking the advice of others and actually watching "The Cove", explaining to her how it had really changed my life.
This was my response to her after she watched The Cove:

I'm so glad to hear that you watched The Cove. It certainly changed my life and my desire to want to swim with dolphins. Did you happen to notice that everytime the dolphin finishes a trick they go straight to the trainer....for food. God played a cruel joke on the dolphin when He gave them the fixed smile on their face. The only happy dolphin is a free dolphin. Thanks for sharing and caring enough to comment and post about THE COVE.cobidog123

The following is an ongoing conversation I've had the last few days with "KingsProduction50" on You Tube!!  He obviously has been brainwashed by someone into thinking the slaughter going on in Taiji is not true.  He writes to me:
@cobidog123 how do you know the cove is right ? they are people who just make up things to get SW shut down.KingsProduction50
@KingsProduction50 you must be kidding? You can't possibly be that naive. Ric O'Barry is an ex-dolphin trainer. One of the worlds best. (Flipper's trainer) He's done it all and knows what he is talking about. You should read his book, "Behind the Dolphin Smile" and another one you might be interested in is "Rekindling the Waters, the Truth About Swimming With Dolphins" by Leah Lemieux. Captivity of cetaceans is wrong. They have feeling just like humans. cobidog123
@cobidog123 im NOT kidding. i dont want your "opinions". im 85% pro captivity so deal with it ! the cove is wrong !KingsProduction50

@KingsProduction50 these are not my "opinions". You need to educate yourself on the subject. How about someone rips you from your family, sticks you in a 12 ft square room, feeds you when and what they want, not what you want, starves you to get you to perform, little or no stimulation, you become so depressed you want to kill yourself, and all you think of is being free and seeing your family again...but OH NO, you watched your family killed in front of you...real fun right?cobidog123                

I'll let you know if the saga continues. Hopefully I'll be able to change his mind!

Hayden Panettiere - A Hero To Dolphins

One brave young lady! We feel your pain Hayden! We feel your pain!

Sunday, February 5, 2012



Now this is the way you want to see dolphins! FREE, WILD, and IN THE OCEAN, not concrete prison pools or fenced in swim with programs! If you are a true lover of dolphins and whales, this is where you'll use your hard earned money. Not at facilities that breed and show for profit and human entertainment.