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Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I've Created This BLOG

The GA Aquarium is getting ready to open their long awaited dolphin exhibit under the misconception that they are helping to educate the public on conservation and preservation of some of the most intelligent mammals on our planet, dolphins!  Why, then if not for conservation and preservation?  $$$MONEY$$$  Pure and simple, money is the driving motivation for the aquariums and other facilities like it.  The aquarium officials will tell you that the dolphins they are about to display are "born in captivity".  That may be true, I don't know.  But what I do know is that there has never been a dolphin cloned, therefore somewhere down the line dolphins had to have been captured from the wild.  Taken from their pod, their lifetime family, and sold into slavery for the sole purpose of our entertainment.

Let me be clear on a couple of things....I am not a vegetarian and in no way am I associated with PETA or any other animal rights activist groups.  I'm just someone who loves dolphins and whales and have had a connection within me my whole life for these incredibly intelligent mammals.  I had season passes to the aquarium for three years and went to many SeaWorld and other such shows for most of my life.  It wasn't until last summer when I watch the much publicized documentary "The Cove" with Ric O'Barry (Flipper's trainer), that I realized why I know it is wrong to place cetaceans in captivity for our enjoyment.  It hurts to know what I know, it means I will probably never again see a dolphin unless I have a chance to see them in the wild or pictures in books, but I love them enough to give them up!  Through this BLOG, my hope is that you too will come to the realization that captivity of all cetaceans is wrong and that you will be educated by the material that I post on this site. 

I'm new to this BLOG stuff, so bare with me as I learn and post.

To start, I would suggest that you watch the documentary "The Cove".

Next, go to and put in a search for "Taiji Why? Follow the Money" 

And after that, if you feel led to help out with my fight against captivation of cetaceans, write a letter to the GA Aquarium and let them know how you feel about their new money making adventure.  You can contact them at

There are also several protests being organized.  If you live in or near the Atlanta area, and want to get involved in a peaceful way, let me know and I will get the information to you!  Join me in not supporting these facilities with one more red cent!

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