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Sunday, September 18, 2011

SeaWorld goes to court.....hope they lose this battle!,0,5873065.story
A $75,000.00 fine from OSHA is nothing to the multi millions that Sea World brings in by exploiting dolphins and Orcas.  These are highly intelligent beings.  Sooner or later, if we continue to brutally murder their spieces and treat them with disrespect by penning them in small concrete tanks, more and more people are going to be injured.  In my opinion, not only should all cetacean shows stop immediately, but these wonderful creatures should be returned to the ocean, where they belong, even if it's to live out their natural life in a sea pen.  Perhaps they would at least have a chance to regain some of what humans have taken from them and eventually be able to live free as they were meant to do.

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